Anuradhapura: the archaeological site in Srilanka

Anuradhapura is sited on the banks of the momentous Malvathu Oya, 205km north of Colombo in the northern central state of Srilanka. It is the biggest and the most ancient city in Srilanka, an appropriate high point to any visit of the Cultural triangle. This city is well-known for its well conserved ruins of the great Srilankan civilization which was constructed leading this town was one of the best civilizations in Asia as well as in the world. 
Anuradhapura -Srilanka

Anuradhapura was the majestic seat over 250 Hindu kings and Buddhist, documented in the royal genealogies, the most excellent city in Srilanka about 1400 years. Nowadays this ancient city is a sacred for the Buddhist world in Srilanka and the world heritage site of UNESCO which is one of the most important archaeological site in the world. Anuradhapura is a home of more than a few of Srilanka’s greatest fortresses, monasteries and gravestones containing the immeasurable detailed features reflecting the leading influence of Buddhism in Srilanka.

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