The attractive Lady’s Mile Beach of Akrotiri Peninsula in Cyprus

Lady's Mile Beach of Akrotiri Peninsula in Cyprus

Lady’s Mile Beach is a famous beach on the brink of the new Limassol Port which is officially recognized as Aplostra Beach and situated is to the southwest of Limassol City Centre on the Akrotiri Peninsula in Cyprus. The beach consists of grayish sand through a temperate slope into the sea for which it is perfect for windsurfing and paddling. The sandy beach is stretched for miles in where one can enjoy the panoramic vista of clean bluish waters and sometimes you may watch the Dolphin are playing in front of you.
Lady's Mile Beach Akrotiri Peninsula Cyprus

Lady’s Mile beach is also one of the most well-liked windsurfing places on the island because of its smooth superficial water. This stretch of shoreline owes its un-spoilt nature to the continuous existence of the British military and their base on the Peninsula. Since the majority of the peninsula and the coast area is authoritatively the possessions of the British Defence Ministry where no enduring buildings there. Public transport is not accessible in the beach area. Only casual shacks that unlocked at weekend to provide service for visitors coming from the home and abroad. The Lady’s Mile Beach is also renowned for its seasonal restaurants and water-sports in the various points hunch of the beach.

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