Benefits of Travelling by Caravan

It’s easy to assume that there only a few souls who don’t enjoy a good trip. Exploring new places, meeting new people… What’s not to like? How about the trip itself? Sometimes, endless roads, uncomfortable vehicles, and roadside motels are simply not worth it. But, what if we told you that this ugly picture could be easily repainted in a single stroke? Still not convinced? Here are some benefits of traveling by caravan.

Freedom to Stay Whenever You Want

Motels, hostels, hotels, and all other types of accommodation all have one big problem. Unless you make a booking few months in advance, finding a vacant room tends to be very tedious. Every obstacle and stop on the road has the potential to completely de-rail your journey. On the other hand, if you travel by a caravan, you’ll have the freedom to stay wherever you want, whenever you want.

Carry as Much Luggage as You Want

No matter how spacious your car’s trunk may be, going on a longer trip always requires a lot of compromises when it comes to luggage. Fortunately, a caravan has more than enough room to carry everything you would, otherwise, left home. When you need to take an item out, you don’t need to empty the entire trunk. Just go in the trailer and get what you need.

Caravans are Pet-Friendly

Unlike most hotels, caravans have nothing against pets. As a matter of fact, keeping the pet in a caravan is much better than constraining the animal to the back seat of your car. Sure, you will have to do a little bit of pet-proofing here and there and make the occasional breaks to see how your travel companion is holding up, but that’s much better than leaving the pet home altogether.

Be Close to the Nature

Spending yet another night in a city or some cramped room isn’t really the memory we want to bring back from a family trip. If you travel by caravan, every new stop has the potential to become an exciting experience. Park your car somewhere outdoors, get a breath of fresh air, bring out the barbecue and you’ll see just how boring and mundane roadside motels actually are.

It’s Cheap

If you are going on a longer trip, the pile of money you must spend on accommodation can be quite large. Couple that with the expenses of keeping your vehicle moving, and you will get a pretty substantial sum. The great thing about caravans is that your vehicle is your accommodation. Also, used caravans for sale tend to have very low prices which make them a very good long-term investment.

Meet New People

Do you remember how many new friends you met the last time you stayed at the hotel? Not likely. Hotels are the places where you can meet people only by accident. If you like to mingle and make new acquaintances, you’ll have much better luck at some of the camping sites. Caravan owners are, in general, very social people and they like to share their travel experiences, so you ought to have a blast.

Decorate Your Traveling Hotel Room

Last but not least, caravans offer one crucial benefit no hotel room in the world can – the ability to decorate them however you see fit. Do you want to cover the caravan with the photos taken from the previous journeys? Sure, why not. Desperately need an ottoman to stretch your legs? Checked. The possibilities are endless.

T.S. Eliot once said “the journey, not the destination matters.” If you travel by caravan, this statement pretty much holds the truth. When you reach the destination, you will already have your pockets full of fond memories.

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