The best tourists attractions of Kernaves in Lithuania

Attractions of Kernaves- Lithuania

Kernave is the best traveler’s attractions as well as an archeological location in Lithuania, was a medieval resources of the grand Duchy of the country. It is located near the curve of the Neris river and the Pajauta vale beside the region of piliakalnis, a momentous hillfort heap in the Širvintos area city on the south-east part of Lithuania where established the Lithuanian affirm cultural reserve. It is on the right lake of the Neris as well as on the higher Neris patio 22km from Širvintos and 36km from Vilnius, on the brink of the Vilnius-Kaunas and Vilnius-Panevežys superhighway. Kernave is one of the central provinces of the Lithuanian southern part surrounded with a natural world reservation which enchants all, classified as World heritage site by UNESCO.

Attractions of Kernaves-LithuaniaThis is the grounds of the antique cathedrals from 15th-9th century where the communities of Kernave were hidden and 2 chapels placed nearby. The timbered chapel is an instance of Lithuanian folk architecture. It is supposed that it was constructed in the last part of 13th century on the Kernavele square and stimulated to the Kernave cathedral. Both chapels are sited in the Kernave archaeological and chronological reservation. The contemporary cathedral was built following the Neo-gothic style in the architecture. The old structural design of Kernave is best conserved in Vilnius and Kriveikiškio Avenue. In the central town the buildings are mostly of the postwar era in harmony with lovely natural surroundings. The southern city is the historical and archaeological reservation with the spectacular natural respite on both elevations of the Neris river. Visitors can find the most up-to-date information about proceedings and nearby tourist attractions from Kernave tourist information bureau in Lithuania.

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