Bright sides of going on a long vacation in Australia

Who doesn’t love going on vacations? Spending a couple of days or weeks in a new place can really be relaxing, or even life-changing. Is there a better vacation than a really long one? The answer is yes – if that long vacation is spent in Australia! Just imagine spending winter holidays (Christmas and New Year) on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And it’s only just the beginning.


You can see so much

You wouldn’t believe all the things you get to see in Australia! Museums, galleries, zoos, and aquariums are just the tip of the iceberg. When you’re there for just a couple of weeks, you might feel like there is much more to see, and you would be right. The bright side of visiting all these cultural places is that most of them are completely free of charge. Go to Sydney, Queensland, or Melbourne and you will get free access to some of the best museums in the world. So instead of being on a tight schedule and rushing from one exhibition to another, you can take your time and enjoy one after the other without any pressure.

Wine and food

Land Down Under is not just a vast country filled with incredibly poisonous and dangerous animals and plants. It also offers plenty to see (and taste) to food and wine lovers from all over the world. South and west of Australia are known for their great wines, and any wine expert will tell you that they’ve heard of the Barossa Valley and Margaret River regions. Dry climate and rich soil on which the grapes grow make Aussie wines rather peculiar but clearly distinguishable among others. For those who would like to experiment with their food as well, there is always a chance to eat a real kangaroo steak.


Great lodging

One of the downsides of staying on a really long vacation may be the amount of money you will have to put aside for your accommodation. If you would like to save a few bucks, try doing some research on different types of accommodation available in the city where you will be staying. Those who would really like to save some money should inquire about a possibility to sleep in different pensions, or even reach out to real estate owners and inquire about renting a place for a longer period of time, for example three to four weeks. As long as rent payment is done on time, everything else should be easily agreed upon. You can do this with a couple of friends and turn the vacation into a real adventure for all of you.

Go sailing

One of the reasons people avoid sailing trips is the fact that they can last a couple of days, and those who only have two weeks in Australia do not want to spend so much time on one activity. However, for those who are staying longer, sailing is another great chance to get to know some great people and have a real Aussie experience. You will get to see beautiful sand islands and beaches, and you can dive and swim with dolphins and turtles.


Sometimes, long vacations can be exhausting as well: we get too comfortable and start spending more money, eating too much junk food (hey, you’re on a vacation), or having a bit too much to drink. Even though you are here to forget about all those troubles you have at home, it’s not a bad idea to maintain just a bit of discipline. This will make your return to reality less stressful.

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