The charming harbour Kyrenia, Jewel of Cyprus

charming harbour Kyrenia Jewel of Cyprus
charming harbour KyreniaThe charming harbour Kyrenia and adjacent castle is called the “Jewel of Cyprus”. It is a quite simply and perceptive. The position on the north coast having the perfect place to develop a port and about 65km from the Turkish mainland, was rightly located on the trade route. The castle having Byzantine foundations, was rebuilt during the reign of the Lusignan and later strengthened and expanded with the addition of massive walls and bastions of the Venetians. The port of Kyrenia is surrounded by restaurants and bars, buildings that once Venice apartments carob warehouses. Without flashing neon lights of large or loud music the port was modernized preserving the architectural integrity of the building. The restaurants serve the most simple and delicious food emphasizing on the freshness of caught fish. The Aga Cafer Pasa Mosque is to be found by the road with cobblestones, which is next to the Harbour Club Restaurant. The Folk Art Museum was originally a granary, it has an input port as like an old evangelical church house. The Cypriot St. Andrew is set to be found on the hill behind the castle and the Roman Catholic Church of St. Lawrence. Elizabeth of Hungary, in the narrow road in front of the Dome Hotel.

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