How to choose the best hotel for kids

Although there is still a little for summer arrives sure that you’re mulling over your holiday. Where to go?When? And if you have children over the concern is greater, there’s to keep them entertained!

Once you’ve decided the fate touches filter hotels, so today we give you some tips to choose the best hotel for a dream day with your children:

Distance from the airport or arrival point: if you have very young children who still use cart appreciate being in a good location. Even if your child already walks thinks that halfway can get tired and how closer you better.

  1. Good communication: here we make a nod to the previous point. If your trip is tourist friendly and intends to see many sites, it is best to place you in a hotel near the tourist areas because public transport connections with small children can be a real ordeal. If you are planning to travel in Indonesia then take a look at santika hotel and their facilities.
  2. Restoration: Probably if you go on vacation to the beach opt for the full board but if you intend to move a lot around the city may prefer only breakfast at the hotel. Anyway, we recommend choosing a hotel buffet, why? Because not all children love everything on the menu or you can catch a phase of introduction of food and if you have that possibility in the hotel because you will make your trip a little easier. Another option is to look for those that have children’s menu. It is also important to know if you take into account intolerances or allergies and if they have high chairs.
  3. Cots and extra beds: usually no problem hotel will you place yourself a crib or extra bed in the room but beware, some will have to pay a fee.
  4. Playgrounds: if you are in a city you do not know obviously will not know what leisure areas take your kids so it is a very favorable point you may have a park within the hotel itself. Some have even workshops for children.
  5. Entertainment program: rare is the hotel that does not have this service but evidently some find a complete offer than others. This is especially useful when you go to a beach site where adults can be relaxed by the pool while the kids are in the same place, playing with other children.
  6. Swimming and water areas: It is very important that the hotel counts with children ‘s pool. Usually one of the leisure activities they prefer small. In fact, if you want to give more value to this point you can find hotels with the water park. Can you imagine what that will be entertained? Well, sure that adults have a good time throwing down the slides.
  7. Security: same as in your house you care that there is no danger to the environment your child is vital that the hotel where you stay you have also present. By this we mean protection on stairs, terraces prepared to prevent the small climb, no easily accessible outlets … In some hotels, you will find even the possibility of closing the minibar for the small can not access the typical alcohol bottles found inside.
  8. Adaptation babies: many parents see their lives when provided in a hotel are warmer or if there is a possibility pureeing. Ten very present this point!
  9. Discount children: will certainly be a plus for those hotels that include a discount on children or even those who can stay for free. Find out their offers!

Now you have clear everything you need to assess in a hotel, so now you can start thinking about the destination of your next vacation in a place where your children are cared for and you to enjoy a fabulous stay. Good trip!

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