Essential packing tips for outdoorsy people

All of you who are fond of nature must plan ahead and bring all the necessities required for an outdoor adventure. You are finally going to your dream trip that you’ve been planning for some time now, and there’s no better moment than now to start packing your gear. Still, for outdoorsy people like you it can sometimes get tough managing to pack it all up and yet – keep your backpack light. You don’t want to fail in bringing the essentials, but the tough part is that everything seems like an essential at this point.

To help you pack light and still bring everything you need, we are giving you some of the best advice on how to luggage-proof your trip items and focus on the essentials.

Sleeping bags/Tents

For where you are going, that is – if you are going to an outdoor destination – carrying a high-quality sleeping bag or a mini tent is a must. Investing in a good sleeping bag is the part you don’t want to be stingy on as this bag will keep you warm and safe during cold nights spent outdoors. Choose a light material that can be easily carried around, but pick one with a warm texture. Don’t even think of starting this trip without a sleeping bag packed up in your immediate luggage.

Light clothing

Image source: Flickr
Image source: Flickr

Since you are not going to a hotel with a closet and washer available, you want to keep your clothes lightweight, durable and easily (hand) washable. Don’t over pack! You won’t be needing more than three shirts, two pairs of pants, a jacket and (no more than) five pieces of underwear. Also, please do not bring any camouflage-style or military clothing as it is occasionally illegal and can be dangerous to wear around. When in colder regions, wear clothing in layers. If it gets extremely cold, you can always buy extra sweaters / jumpers locally. If you are going somewhere hot, bring one towel (it will dry very quickly) and a one-piece swimwear that’s comfortable and easy to move around in. You can bring two, actually – one to wear while the other one is drying.

Good shoes

For everyone who is planning on walking and trekking plenty, it is essential to have good, comfortable shoes. They should have good ankle support and grip, and ideally be waterproof. These types of shoes aren’t necessarily expensive, but it will take some effort in finding the right pair.

Video recording sunglasses

This one falls under the “essential” category if you are crazy about your outdoor adventures and want to have them recorded first hand. With these sunglasses you will be able to film your adventures without having to constantly pack/unpack a video camera from your rucksack. Most importantly, your hands will be free for all active adventures thanks to the single-touch inbuilt recording feature.

A head lamp

If the idea of this trip is to be adventurous and explore around, you’ll want to have your way lit. A high-quality head lamp with a focused beam of light and a durative battery (or solar light) is what you simply must have with you at all times, especially when it gets dark outside. Bring some extra batteries, too.

Image source: Flickr
Image source: Flickr

A health kit

No matter where you are going or how long you are planning on staying, you need to have your health kit with you. The essentials like band aids, antiseptic crèmes, medical alcohol, allergy shots, gaze, pads or tampons, your toothbrush and a mini paste, a soap and deodorant, as well as some cotton balls are the thing to pack prior to everything else. All these essentials fit in a mini kit, so don’t worry it’ll take much space.

Converters and Adapters

The fact you’ll be spending most of your time outdoors doesn’t mean you won’t be needing your gadgets like your phone, camera and tablet/laptop. Pack your mobile converters and adapters you can use to recharge whenever needed.

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