Most Fascinating Tropical Places to Tie the Knot

The idea of destination weddings has rapidly spread across the globe among those couples who wish to spend their special day someplace remarkable. And is there a better way to combine the ceremony with your honeymoon? These tropical wonders are bound to leave you breathless and are surely some of the most fascinating places to say the matrimonial yes.


Are you ready to visit the birthplace of reggae? And perhaps run into Usain Bolt? Yes, the third largest island in the Caribbean holds many great wonders, but for newlyweds surely the most appealing part of this majestic island is the white sand beaches, waves breaking off the coast and breathtaking sunsets. This tropical haven is truly a perfect place for those who would enjoy an intimate ceremony, away from the rest of the world in a perfect blend of natural beauty and exquisite luxury.

Dominican Republic

Whether you choose the tropical awe of the Atlantic coast or opt for the clear waters of the Caribbean, you will soon realize why this sovereign state is known to be the most visited destination in the Caribbean. Those who are looking for a grandiose wedding will find the Dominican Republic to be a perfect place to actualize their dreams, while you can also exchange vows in a more private manner by choosing one of many remote beaches along the coast of this marvellous island.

Puerto Rico

Its tropical climate, diverse natural scenery and a variety of spectacular beach bars and casinos are quite probably the main reason why this archipelago is commonly known as the Rich Port. Puerto Rico is a great option for couples who wish to bring a cosmopolitan vibe to their big day, as the island’s capital, San Juan is well-known for its delicate blend of beach resorts and wildest nightlife. The unincorporated U.S. territory is also known for its magnificent historical heritage, which is a great addition for those willing to implement a bit of culture into their wedding day.


The largest island in the French Polynesia offers a great deal of natural wonders, making it one of the preferred destinations for wedding ceremonies. The dazzling black-sand beaches, blue lagoons and sights of mighty waterfalls, it seems as Tahiti really has it all. Waterfront venues with dramatic views of mountain peaks and surrounding coral reefs will give you a truly wondrous ambience, while you can always opt for something more glamorous such as luxury venues and chapels with glass floors which offer a jaw-dropping view into the crystal clear waters. 


If you’re not really into white and black sand beaches and wish to incorporate a bit of colour into your ceremony, then head to Bermuda and witness its remarkable pink beaches, violet skies and turquoise waters. Bermuda is the epitome of a tropical paradise and it’s not uncommon for newlywed couples to get lost in this charming triangle of beauty.


One of the top destinations for sophisticated and grandiose weddings is the well-known Land of Kangaroos. Whether you’re looking for a romantic waterfront venue, a medieval castle or perhaps a glamorous ballroom, it’s safe to say that Australia can give you all that and so much more. Its largest city, Sydney, known for its metropolitan ambience, has many hidden wonders, simply waiting to be explored. If you’re really looking for a great wedding venue, keep in mind that whether opulent or intimate, rustic or modern, you can find everything you need right there in the land down under.

So you have your prince charming, a vision of the perfect wedding gown and all you need now is a venue. Why not do something out of the ordinary and choose a destination wedding? If you’re looking for a paradise on earth, these few destinations should definitely be on your list.

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