Fraser Island of Queensland in Australia

Fraser Island-Queensland-AustraliaFraser Island is sited beside the southern coastline of Queensland in Australia about 200km northern side of Brisbane, length is approximately 120km and width is about 24km. This is the largest sandy Island in the world with an area of about 1840km2 containing the eucalyptus woodland, rainforests, mangrove forests, wallum, peat swamps, coastal moorlands and sand banks which is the World Heritage site of UNESCO. Fraser Island is also a home of a small amount of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and saltwater crocodiles including the different kinds of birds sheltered in the Great Sandy National Park which is popular tourism spot today. The Great Sandy channel divided this Island from the mainland.

Eli Creek is the biggest canal on the eastern coast of this island which is another unique diversity of wild life in Australia. The Fraser also includes the hills formed by sandblowing containing the coloured sands of Rainbow canyon, Red gorge, the Cathedrals and the summit. There are 100 freshwater lakes, 40 perched lakes including the Lake Mckenzie, Lake Boomanjin, Lake Wabby and Window Lakes surrounded the Fraser Island which leading the world tourists. It identified 74 diverse species of reptiles, 18 species of snakes, rare kinds of acid frogs and saltwater crocodiles which usually to be found in North Queensland. Fraser Island divided the Cooloola and Fraser Coast are the significant bird area where is to be found more than 350 species of birds including the peregrine falcon, sea eagles, kites, osprey, pelicans, honeyeaters, terns, kingfishers, gulls, kookaburra, doves, owls, thornbills, brolgas, ducks, and cockatoos. There also to be found 20 species of migrating birds from Siberia and to be found the Eastern ground parrot, a rare bird which already extinct from some portions of Australia. Fraser Island has a unique biodiversity, concentric plants surroundings and lovely geological landscape which are found nowhere in the world……………
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