Friday Night Fever – Melbourne Edition

While a lot of people prefer a night of sitting behind a bar with nothing else than a bottle of Jack to keep them company, there are those with different ideas of fun. Nighttime fun should be all about mingling and socializing with your peers and what better place to meet interesting people than on the dance floor. With this in mind, here are some of the best dance floors you can find in whole of Melbourne.

The Emerson

It is beyond doubt that The Emerson represents one of the finest venues in whole of Melbourne. Seeing how it consists of several different levels, it has quite a large spectrum of audience. Namely, the cocktail bar and lounge are ideal for a dinner reservation or even as a wedding venue, while the rooftop remains one of the Melbourne’s favorite celebration hotspots. Still, the most interesting thing about it is The Emmerson Club, whose popularity places it head to head with even some of the best Australian clubs.

Therapy Nightclub

When an average person closes their eyes and imagines nightlife, what they have in mind is the Therapy Nightclub. People who love nightclubs usually enjoy getting lost in the crowd, but this has a downside even the most avid nightclub enthusiasts recognize: reaching a bar from the middle of the room becomes virtually impossible. This is why therapy nightclub has two bars on the opposite sides of the room. Sure, this still doesn’t solve your problem, but it increases the chance of you getting to the bar from anywhere in the room.

La Di Da

The energy level that can be seen every weekend in the La Di Da club is a phenomenon that deserves admiration. On Friday, this club works from 10am to 5am, which gives you more than enough time to experience all that this club has to offer. Plus, in La Di Da, there is a special offer of cocktails for only $10, which is not something you should miss out on. This will also bring you closer to some of the cocktails you never had the chance to try, but always dreamed of.


Some people are not content with the music and crowd alone. For them the décor is crucial part of having a good time. For all those who are looking for a chic place to visit with a stylish contemporary décor and VIP table service, Seven may be the right choice. The music that plays here is mostly house or retro, which also describes the crowd you can meet at the place. In short: classy, fun and unforgettable.

The Night Cat

When speaking about a good venue at a perfect location, it doesn’t get any more convenient than The Night Cat. Now, add to this the fact that here you can buy a $5 Sangria and the place suddenly becomes a must-visit. This also puts it near the list of places with the cheapest drinks in the city. The greatest downside of the place is that it isn’t that big, but this only enhances the room’s acoustics. On Fridays, there is always a live band and the entry is always free.

Little Red Pocket

Finally, if what you want is to meet high-end Melbourne nightlife, then you shouldn’t miss out on Little Red Pocket. With its weekly drink specials, gourmet tapas menu and special guest DJ every week, it stands second to none amongst Friday night clubs in Melbourne. For all those willing to celebrate their birthday, Pocket has a wide range of offers you may want to consider. All in all, if you are a fan of RNB and/or house, this might be all that you are looking for.

As you can see, when it comes to dance floors around Melbourne, your options are numerous. Your decision should be based on the location, music and the venue itself. This, however, is completely subjective and there is no point discussing personal preferences. All in all, visiting any of the places listed above will not be the decision that you will come to regret.

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