Fun and frugal ways to travel the world

Travelling is awesome! When you decide to close the door of your home behind you and step into the world, you quickly leave your comfort zone and start learning and growing. When you travel, you get to know other people, their customs, culture, and history, and your knowledge of the world deepens immensely. The downside of traveling is, of course, its price. Not everyone can afford tickets to exotic destinations and five-star hotels. This is why thousands of people choose to travel in a bit unconventional ways and try some interesting new things to save money.

Combine means of transport

Even though it might be convenient for you to simply book a flight to your desired destination, it might also mean that you will have to cough up more money that you would like. Luckily, it is possible to get there with less money, but it will mean more planning and more time. First, you should do research on how to book the cheapest possible tickets, but do not restrict your research on your desired destination alone. You might also try to book a flight to another city, and then take the train or a bus to get to where you’re headed in the first place. It might sound like a lot of trouble, but in reality, it might only mean a couple of hours longer than you intended. What’s more, you would save money and get to see more things than you would otherwise. It’s a win-win situation.


Use your own power

Traveling by plane, bus, and a car might be convenient, but it is also expensive and bad for the environment. Instead of using a motorized vehicle, you might try using your strength to travel. We’re talking, of course, about cycling. Travelling by bike is not only a great way to take care of Mother Nature, but also to save money and really experience the country or region you’re headed to. If the idea of cycling for hundreds of miles makes you anxious, you might want to try out electric bikes. Distant travelers usually choose Gocycle, E-Lux, or Gepida ebikes. All of these have been labeled as great, which means that you won’t have to worry about it being uncomfortable or unreliable. In addition to making your travel much quicker and easier, you won’t have to worry about parking tickets or gas while traveling.


The best thing about CouchSurfing is the fact that it’s completely free: your host will not charge you anything for staying there. You should let your host know in advance when will you be staying there, and for how long keep in mind that sometimes, they will have to change their schedules to accommodate you, so inform them if there are any changes in your plans. While staying with your host is free, you should still count on spending at least some money. It would be kind of you to leave your host at least a small token of appreciation for their kindness and effort. Still, a cost of a bottle of wine or a small trinket is still much lower than that of a hotel/hostel room for a night or two. What is more, maybe your host and you will really like each other and become good friends.

experiencing other places

Travelling is about experiencing other places to the fullest: new food, new drinks, new music, and clothes. This is why really good trips may cost more than you would like. Don’t be afraid to improvise and try to save money to experience more: forget about souvenirs and tourist-traps and try to get to know the locals instead. All this will make your trips ten times as fun and twice as costly as you would first think.

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