Going On Holiday This Year? Why Airport Parking Is Worth The Cost

Airport parking has a reputation for being incredibly expensive and an unnecessary holiday cost however, millions of Britons going on holiday this year looking for alternative options to airport parking may be saving money but losing value.

With air travel having grown continuously year on year in the UK for the past 6 years and with 2016 expected to be no different, the face of UK travel has changed significantly. It has never been more common for Brits to travel across the UK to the likes of Heathrow, Gatwick and Edinburgh as airlines offer great value deals on International travel from the big UK airports. Having scored their great deal, holiday-makers are left with a choice, travel by car and look for parking options or to look into train or bus transport to the airports. Many of us who opt to drive will immediately dismiss the idea of paying for airport parking and instead look for local services to leave our car, whilst this can sometimes be cheaper than parking at the hotel, there are many reasons why using companies such as www.airportparking.co.uk  can give you the better experience.

Reduction of Stress

The airport experience on the whole can be an incredibly stressful experience. Worrying you may have left something, waiting to check in, having all of your documents and time concerns are all common problems as you start your holiday. To add to it all, driving to the airport brings its own stresses as you worry about traffic and whether you have allowed enough time for travel. Many holiday makers who don’t use airport parking look to use private services or even private driveways away from the airport. These services first need to be found, and then more often than not you will find yourself waiting for a bus or worse still, other passengers to transit with you, stress, stress, stress. You can alleviate all of this worry with airport parking, simply arrive at the airport hand your keys over and waltz into departures.

Added Security

Last year alone saw many Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester private airport parking services exposed as scams by the national press. The companies offered cheap deals for secure car storage and saw thousands of Brits hand over their car keys with confidence only to discover that the cars were left in fields, next to strip clubs and in areas with high crime. GPS trackers were placed in a number of cars before being left with a variety of private airport parking services and whilst many were left in secure locations, an awful lot weren’t. The exposé saw companies like Gatwick’s ‘Merry Parking’ and Manchester’s ‘Airport Parking Limited’ fined by Trading Standards. Despite this not being a representation of all private services, why run the risk with your car? The knowledge of your car being safe and secure at the airport is worth the additional spend and will leave you to enjoy your holiday without worry.

The Myth of Pricing

It’s important to remember that whilst airport parking can be expensive if you simply turn up and pay, there are several ways that you can score cheaper deals on parking. The earlier that you book, the cheaper you will find it, often 50% cheaper or more. One week parking at Heathrow will cost you £66 if you pre-book whereas you will pay £125 at the airport, Gatwick will cost £46 for the week if you pre-book, if you don’t you will be looking at costs of £97. Pre-booking is always the best option.

If you have an early flight then many airport hotels offer deals that include your stay and parking, these can provide excellent value for both your stay at the hotel and your car. In order to find the best deals on airport parking you should speak with your travel agent to see if there are any deals available and use price comparison websites which will give you the best offers available from each airport.

Don’t buy into the myth surrounding airport parking, less stress, more security and the best value for money.

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