Great attractions of Italian paradise Amalfi Coast

Italy is a country full of contrasts. The north with Milan and Turin as the central axis is cold and very industrial. The center is dominated by the imperial city of Rome but in the south begins the true sensorial spectacle.

The essence of the ‘dolce far niente’ represented in villages perched on vertiginous cliffs, extends along the Gulf of Salerno. The journey begins in Naples; starting point to reach cities like Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and Capri. Under the watchful eye of the Vesuvius volcano, Circumvesubiana’s suburban network runs. In just 20 minutes, the traveler can disconnect from the Neapolitan chaos. Other possibilities to reach the Amalfi Coast are express ferries and hovercraft.

The journey to Sorrento is full of curves. There are only 25 kilometers between the different enclaves but the distances increase by a winding road. Sorrento smells like citrus. The narrow streets, of the Mediterranean essence, are filled with large lemons. This city is the main producer of Limoncello; one of the best-known Italian liquors in the world. It is essential to have lunch or dinner Gnocchi to the Sorrentina in one of the many Trattorias with a view to the sea. In the background, Naples, and Vesuvius. On the right, you will see the islands of Ischia and Prochida and to the left, Capri.

With the view still in Sorrento, we arrive at a colorful and lively town: Positano. Positive energy can be seen on the streets. The houses, built on a scale ravine, are painted blue, white, pink, yellow, green, orange … a rainbow made the city! Opposite the coasts of Positano is Li Galli or Le Sirenuse, an archipelago of small islands that according to the Amalfi legends were inhabited by sirens.

The road to Amalfi continues from Positano. However, the best option is a direct fast-ferry. Besides, is a company based in Positano, on the Amalfi Coast, offering Positano transfers and day trips. You can obtain their great service.

Amalfi has a majestic presence dominated by the cathedral Sant Andrea: A neo-gothic architectural gem. The best way to get to know Amalfi is by walking. Lose yourself in its streets and enjoy the intense commercial life. In every corner, their fishmongers, greengrocers, grocers, time stops and invites the delight.

At this point of the trip, you will have very little to fall in love with the Amalfi Coast. The expedition ends in the Island of Capri. Capri and her little sister Anacapri are full of charming corners. You cannot leave without “immersing yourself” in the Grutta Azzura: a cave inside which you will discover an intense blue sea that you will never forget. Throughout the year, travel agencies, companies and tour operators organize direct excursions from the Port of Capri to the Blue Grotto. From travelers around the world, we recommend you read other posts related to Italy. One last tip: start this trip in Naples. You will find it easier to travel to the Amalfi Coast.

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