How to Encourage Your Teen to Spend Time Together as a Family

Teenagers can be fickle, and sometimes distant, creatures, but they are still your kiddos. You know, the ones you cared for, nursed, and love throughout their infancy, toddlerdom, and child years. So, how do you get teens to spend time with you, or even spend time together as a family? Here are a few ideas…

Have a Night of No Electronics

Set a precedence where the whole family has a night with no electronics. No television, no smartphones, no technologies to distract from the company of one another. Then read together, have conversations for a few hours, tell silly stories, or play board or card games. Really interact with each other and get to know each other allover again.

Get Involved in What Your Teen Loves to Do

Does your teen love music and playing different instruments? Or, is your teen into art, with loads of paintings and drawings in random collages around their room? Perhaps your teen loves sports, in which case a trip to golf courses near Waynesville NC might be a fun bonding experience. There are hundreds of hobbies and interests that your teenager could love to do and participate in; ergo, there are hundreds of hobbies and interests that you should learn about, and even get involved with, to bring yourself closer to your kiddo. Don’t be obnoxious about joining up with their interests but encourage them to share their passions and hobbies with you.

Go for a Drive, Walk, or Adventure as a Family

When you go for a drive or walk as a family, it’s like you’re all taking the same adventure from different perspectives. Schedule regular walks through a park, run races and marathons together, or simply pick a destination, like a classic ice cream parlor or drive-in movie theater, and go there as a family. There’s a bunch of bonding time and fun to be had when you know where to look.

Teenagers are still your babies, even though they can come to resent that statement. So, start at a young age by spending quality time with your kids. Make up your own family traditions, like family dinner nights, and strive to be the best parent possible.

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