How to make wedding transportation special.

For those planning a wedding, details do matter. The reception hall must be right for the wedding and decorated appropriately. The music is selected in advance and meant to convey the personal tastes of the bride and groom. The bride and her bridesmaids may spend weeks selecting the right dresses. Floral arrangements and decorations are carefully selected. All details are a piece of the puzzle in making the day special.

Transportation is one of those details that should not be neglected. Though many couples choose to use their own vehicles for the wedding party, many others in Illinois choose to hire a Chicago wedding limo rental service for the day. Leaving the transportation to a professional service has distinct advantages:

• A limo service provides worry free pick up from the bride’s home to the church or ceremony site, to a special location for pictures and to the reception;
• There is no time or expense in cleaning, detailing or fueling personal vehicles;
• Modern SUV stretch limos provide enough room for large wedding parties and the entire party can ride in one vehicle. Large SUV limos can accommodate up to 14 passengers;
• The sense of luxury a limo provides blends in well with the special, “once in a lifetime event theme of a wedding;
• Wedding party members feel they are appreciated by the bride and groom due to the special attention the limo service gives to them;
• When alcohol is being served, the wedding party can celebrate in a safe manner, without the worry of driving with one too many drinks. Professional chauffeurs make sure the wedding party arrives safely.

Many limo services offer hourly rates for transportation. Many offer special event packages, such as wedding packages with a flat rate for a number of hours. In terms of cost, when adding up the cost of fueling three or four vehicles for the wedding party, a limo service isn’t much more expensive. With the touch of class and luxury it adds to the event, it is a wedding budget expense that can be worth the cost.

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