Ideas for Romantic Dates in Sidney

Paris is often considered the most romantic city in the world, and because of that, other cities are usually disregarded when going on a vacation with your loved one. However, they all have their beauty, especially if you know where to look for it, and Sydney is a prime example. If you’re planning to go away with that special someone, whether you’ve been married for a while, or just started dating, travelling to Sidney will be one of the most memorable experiences of your lives. Here are some ideas for romantic dates that will make you and your partner fall in love with each other even more.

Sydney Observatory

There’s nothing more romantic than observing the wonders of the Universe, and Sydney Observatory is the perfect place for that. During an hour-long tour, you will have an opportunity to learn about the stars, how to find South with the help of the Southern Cross and to look at the Moon and planets through a telescope. You will be guided by aboriginal astronomy guides, and this amazing experience will cost you only $18 per person.

Balloon Ride

You’ll get goose bumps only from thinking about being up in the sky and enjoying the view while holding your partner’s hand. If you aren’t afraid of heights, or if you are ready to overcome this fear, a balloon ride is a perfect date idea. You can travel the distance from the HunterValley to the CamdenValley just above the clouds, and if you and your loved one are a bit more adventurous, you’ll love a sea plane ride.

Outdoor Cinema

If you decide to visit Sydney during summer, you should enjoy the beautiful weather to the fullest. One way to do that is by taking your partner on a date to an outdoor cinema. You’ll have many choices, but the Moonlight Cinema in CentennialPark, St George Open Air Cinema, or Drive In at Blacktown are at the very top of the list. You can watch your favorite movie with your favorite person and still enjoy the beautiful evening outside.

Secluded Beaches

The best thing about going to the seaside is that you can find thousands of secluded beaches where you and your significant other can spend time completely alone. Of course, finding a beach unknown to the rest of the world is not easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort. You can have a picnic, go diving or simply sunbathe while listening to nothing but the sound of waves brushing against the golden sand. Some of the secluded beaches in Sidney are ReefBeach, a small spot near Manly, or WhaleBeach, located in the neighborhood of Palm Beach. WattamollaBeach will leave you speechless with its lagoon and waterfall, and you should definitely include it in your itinerary.

The Big Day

Getting married will probably be one of the happiest moments in your life, and you will want to remember every second of it. Therefore, you should definitely consider hiring a company that will provide high quality wedding videography in Sydney if you decide to start a new life chapter there. Professional videographers will film your wedding ceremony in such a way that each time you watch the film, you will feel the exact same way when you said “I do”.

Sydney Tower

Another perfect location for a romantic date or even your wedding is the SidneyTower. The top of the tower is at the height of 350 m, and the walls are made of glass, enabling you to enjoy a view over the city. You can go on a romantic dinner and observe the lights of the city. In addition, the Tower is one of the top choices when it comes to wedding bookings, which means that you should make your reservations on time.

Spending time with the person you love will be memorable and beautiful, regardless of where you are. However, if you’ve decided to surprise that special someone, or to do something different for your anniversary or wedding, Sydney is just the place for you!

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