Kakadu National Park- World Heritage Site in Australia

Kakadu National Park-World Heritage Site-Australia
Kakadu National Park is located near the Jabiru city surrounded by the rivers Alligator and 170km southeast from Darwin in the northern part of Australia. The park is managed by the Australian Government and Aboriginal traditional landlords. It’s size is about half of Switzerland or near about Slovenia covering an area of 19800km2 and containing the ranger uranium mine, one of the most prolific Uranium quarry in the world. The most attractions of Kakadu are the ecological diversity including the river systems of the east Alligator, the west Alligator, the south Alligator and the Wildman river and the biological diversity adorning with a significant variety of wildlife remaining more than 280 types of bird, about 60 classes of mammal, over 50 species of freshwater, above 10000 kinds of insect and more 1600 sorts of plant.
Kakadu National Park-Australia
There are over 5000 verified art spots exemplifying the Aboriginal civilization more than thousands of years, for which Kakadu National Park is well-known for the wealth of It’s Aboriginal cultural and archaeology. Nowadays, their lifestyle has altered but their established customs and way of life remain significantly. Having the magnificent cultural and natural ethics internationally, Kakadu was listed as a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in Australia.

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