Kizhi Pogost: The historical sites & Russian carpentry traditions

Kizhi Pogost- Russian carpentry traditions
Kizhi Pogost is located at the Kizhi Island on the Lake Onega in the Karelia republic of Russia which is one of the most attractive historical sites of the country. The pogost is the region within a fence including 2 large wooden cathedrals and the bell-tower which is renowned for its attractiveness and prolonged existence.
Kizhi Pogost -Russian carpentry traditions
The fence was constructed in the 17th century as a defensive gauge against Swedish and Polish incursions, was rebuilt in the 1950 as a 300m-long log formation surrounding the 2 cathedrals and the belfry. Exclusively the church was built of wood without using nails in the south part of the Kizhi Island on the hill about 4m above the Onega Lake level. It was the Russian carpentry traditions of that time and included in the list of UNESCO’s World heritage sites in 1990 and listed in the Russian cultural heritage site in 1993. The most amazing fraction of the pogost is the transfiguration of the church which contains 22 domes with 37m height is one of the tallest wooden constructions of the northern Russia. I think the mind-blowing architectural designed of these churches and the bell-tower make the visitors delightful and………

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