Las Vegas for Europeans

When Las Vegas is mentioned, the visions of glittery lights and buzzing slot machines are evoked. As a gambling Mecca, the metropolis did well-earn the murky reputation of Sin City. However, there is much more to Las Vegas than drinking, partying, and gambling. Most Europeans are not aware of this and choose to visit other, more conventional destinations. Well, I have to say that whatever floats your boat, you are likely to find favorable winds and ride the waves of desire in the city that never sleeps.

Around the world in an instant

The obvious choice is to do some sightseeing in the streets, especially of the famous Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard). There are many hotel-resorts with striking architecture and design solutions. Within a few city blocks, one can “visit” many destinations like Venice, Paris, New York, and Luxor. These spectacular buildings offer top-notch spa-like and styling services that are open to the public. So, whether you want to get a haircut or a manicure, Las Vegas has got you covered.

Furthermore, the fountains in front of the Bellagio resort are one of the hot sights you can experience for free. They are choreographed with music and designed to spray water to impressive heights that equal 24 stories. If you are more of a fiery person, head to the volcano in front of the Mirage hotel, which erupts every now and then, sparking the attention of tourists. Finally, at Cesar’s Palace, one can observe 9-foot-tall animatronic statues recreating the fall of Atlantis.

A peak under the veil

But, if you reckon that Las Vegas is only about mimicking other cities, think again. It has its fair share of museums, exhibitions, botanical gardens and other amenities. Of course, Las Vegas would not be the urban landscape of dreams if it did not have something unique to offer in this department. Namely, there is a Mob Museum that showcases artifacts from the days when organized crime was going strong, and a Neon Museum, a captivating display of old signage and related technology.

The surrounding nature is another frontier of adventure possibilities. The Red Rock National Conservation Area, with its 30 miles of trails, is a spectacle to behold. You can throw a picnic, ride a horse, do some rock climbing, or enjoy a scenic 13-mile drive. Another wonder of nature, Mount Charleston,lies just 35 miles west of the city, which provides moderate temperatures during the hot summer months. The Hoover Dam is also apopular spot a short drive southeast of the city.

Different stokes for different folks

Las Vegas has its way of fulfilling people’s fantasies by catering to unusual hobbies and businesses. For instance, it is possible to ride a NASCAR-style rock car, play with heavy construction machinery, fire vintage automatic weapons, etc. There is a high tolerance for taboo activities and plenty of opportunities to sit back and relax. Since marijuana use was legalized back in 2016, you can easily utilize medical marijuana dispensaries across the city. Prostitution is illegal, though.

And if you simply want to grab a nice meal, Las Vegas will not leave you disappointed. Gone are the days when cheap buffet food reigned supreme in the culinary realm. World-renowned chefs have restaurants in the city and give you a chance to feast at its finest and enjoy aged steaks, fresh seafood, and mouth-watering desserts. Okay, it should be mentioned that many buffets are still alive if that is what you seek.

And finally, it would not be fair to leave gambling out completely. Seasoned gamblers will have no trouble finding their cup of tea, but even those who have no clue about games of chance can try their luck. Many casinos offer classes that help you overcome the learning curve. Just bear in mind that gambling is a treacherous endeavor, because the odds are never stacked in your favor. How would all those casinos survive if it was otherwise?

Get ready to dive in

In Las Vegas, there are many things to see and do that have nothing to do with gambling. The infamous Sin City has another side, away from the glitz and glitter of the Strip, which makes its essence complete. You can engage in all sorts of things: run a bulldozer for fun, hit a nightclub, visit an oddball museum, sip a cocktail, watch volcanic eruptions, or shoot a vintage rifle, you name it. So, do not skip good old Vegas just because of its shady reputation. Give it a chance and see the truth for yourself.

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