A Perfect Road Trip in Oregon, USA

Oregon is the state in northern California, south of Washington State. On paper, it is a cool and beautiful state. To the west, its Pacific coast looks a bit like ours; it’s beautiful and misty enough.

Its capital is the city of Salem. But the largest and most populous city is Portland. It attracts a lot of people. It seems that it is a city full of hipsters that cyclists are everywhere, those coffee shops and local beers abound…

And then, in the center of the state, there are enormous stretches of forests, lakes, rivers, snow on high mountains, deserts and then Crater Lake.
So, described like that, Oregon looks a bit like California. Yes, in much greener. And suddenly, it smells good, all the time. Nature, what!

A few things to know

From a more practical point of view, Oregon is one of the few states where there are no taxes. You pay exactly what is posted. But of course, you have to pull, as everywhere.

In petrol stations, the pump attendant is compulsory. We stay in his car, we give him his card specifying what we want and he takes care of everything. And it’s not optional, not self-service.

On highways, speed limits are lower than in California, or in New England or Florida (where they have already driven).

On the spot, the impression is the same. This state is terribly green. The shock is all the more striking as California is in a state of drought and the landscapes are yellow golden crammed almost everywhere for months. Portland is an extraordinarily green city. Well, there are also desert areas in eastern Oregon. But nature is doing well and it is splendid.

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Oregon from the sky

The flight San Jose-Portland is great. For starters, it is short. An hour and a half, we have time to take off, to admire the landscape, and to land. The phrase, “There is no room for my legs, I still want to go to the toilet, the air will make me sick, what it is long.” Does not have time to arrive.

And most importantly, the view is superb. On the way, the captain described the landscape we were flying over. And seen from the top, Oregon is green, very green, and filled with stretches of water, lakes, and rivers everywhere.

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