Qingdao: The significant region in eastern Shandong of China

Qingdao significant region in eastern Shandong of China

Qingdao is a main metropolis on east Shandong region in eastern China occupying an area of about 10,654 sq km with the area of 7 city quarters including Jimo city bordering Yantai to the northeastern, Weifang to the western and Rizhao to the southwestern. Qingdao is the main harbor and marine based industrial centre laying crosswise the Shandong cape whereas looking out to the Yellow sea. The most attractions of Qingdao is the Qingdao Haiwan bridge is the longest sea bridge in the world which links the main town area of Qingdao through Huangdao region on both sides of the Jiaozhou Bay ocean areas. Comprising the south facing coastline location on the Shandong peninsula Qingdao has a moderate 4 season monsoon-influenced weather, waterfalls on the borderline among moist subtropical and sultry continental. Winter is cool-windy, summer is usually hot-humid and due to its closeness with the coastline a peninsula spring is started delayed compared to most inland area of China.

Qingdao Shandong of China

Qingdao is a significant region in eastern China of Shandong area has seen considerably changed in its fiscal landscape in current years. Globally Qingdao is possibly the best recognized for its Tsingtao Brewery which is founded by a German-British mutual venture in 1903. Qingdao hordes one of the biggest seaports in China maintaining lots of buildings in German architectural design. It is a significant trading port trapping among foreign investment and worldwide trade particularly with South Korea and Japan. The circuitousness pattern of Qingdao coastline it possesses a priceless reserve of fish, shrimp and other sea wherewithal. It is also home to a diversity of marble resources with 30 different kinds of quarry. The unique architectural combination of German and Chinese to be found in the city centre which combined with German demographic heritage and large Korean immigrant inhabitants making a distinctive atmosphere of Qingdao. Qingdao attracts a lot of tourists owing to its seaside location and moderate weather comprising the parks, seashores, sculpture and distinctive latest German architecture line the beach.

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