St. Stephan Cathedral, Vienna in Austria

St. Stephan Cathedral-Vienna-Austria
St. Stephan Cathedral is one of the most famous monuments of Vienna. It defines the city and was the heart of Vienna for Austria and it was built in 1147 AD. For a long time it was the tallest building in Europe undoubtedly (nearly 137m). Duke Rudolf IV of Habsburg reformed the church in the Gothic style. The South Tower was completed in 1433 which represents the whole cathedral, nickname is “Steffl“. 
Great View Of St. Stephan Cathedral
The gigantic roof, and the height, slant tower are the facial appearance of the cathedral. You can find the Tomb of Prince Eugene of Savoy, the Altar of Wiener Neustadt, the Chair of Anton Pilgram, the Tomb of Emperor-III, sculpted by Niclas, the Guardian`s Marksman, the UN portrait of the sculptor and Gothic winged altar which are the attractions of the cathedral. The sound of “Pummerin” The cathedral bell is used to celebrate New Year in Austria. In the apse cathedral, you can admire the “Zahnwehherrgott“, the statue of the ‘Ecce Homo’ removed from the graveyard outside the cathedral. The whole environment of the cathedral is paradisiacal…….

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