8 Summer Vacation Essentials that You Need to Have

Summer means vacation time ‒ a long-awaited week of r’n’r, preferably in a warm climate and next to salt water. Unless you live in a summer vacation hotspot and don’t care much about traveling far from home, you won’t be too worried about forgetting a thing or two. This is why we’ve come up with a list of packing essentials for your summer vacation.


Sunglasses are a must, no matter how tolerant your eyes are when it comes to intense sunlight. Although buying these on the spot is very much an option, there is nothing like the good-old pair that suits and fits you perfectly. Besides, you don’t really want to end up having to spend a ton of money on the quality ones, seeing as how the cheap ones won’t do the trick and aren’t really good for your eyesight.
If you don’t own a pair of quality ones, make sure that you buy UV protection sunglasses – these are must-haves!

A hat

A baseball cap, a fedora, heck, even a sombrero will do the trick, no matter how much you hate wearing one. Having something to cover your head is of absolute essence, unless you don’t mind risking having a sunstroke during a gorgeous day on a sunny beach.


Forget about your skin tone and forget about how much you hate the sticky feeling of a high-factor sunscreen on your body and hands! Ending up covered in painful sunburns and peeling off layers of skin once you’re back from your vacation is something that has happened to everyone, but it is not the biggest problem here. We’re talking, of course, about the worst thing that our overly thin ozone layer has to offer – skin cancer! UV radiation is perfectly capable of causing way bigger problems than cosmetic issue and skin burns; it can really hinder your health.
Of course, you can buy sunscreen on every beach vacation spot on Earth, but you’ll need to choose the right sunscreen for your skin type if you want maximum protection, and trust us, you do!

A comfy backpack

It’s not about having to carry a lot of stuff to the beach, it’s all about not really having too many pockets. When you think about it, you won’t be able to store a beach towel, sunscreen, smartphone, wallet, reading materials and extra clothing in your bikini! Bringing a cute, practical backpack to your vacation will help you both in terms of beach visits and for packing the souvenirs.

Reading material

Trust us, you’ll get bored at some point after the first couple of days of your vacation, especially if you don’t travel with a large group of friends. Sure, I bet you’ve already packed your precious laptop in your mind, but think about reading a book or two – it’s really easy nowadays with all the e-Book readers available on the market!


Being able to listen to your favorite tunes on your summer vacation is priceless, especially if you like spending time on the beach alone. If you don’t really have them, make sure that you buy a quality set of headphones before you leave home.

Wireless speakers

Playing music on your laptop on the beach is definitely a bad idea – the sunlight and heat might damage the computer’s hardware and no laptop is really equipped with a quality surround system. Well, it’s not as if Wi-Fi speakers are really expensive nowadays and, if you are traveling with a group of friends, you can rest assured that everyone will appreciate you bringing one of these devices along.

Power bank

The problem with using electric devices on the beach is pretty simple – you can’t really plug in a charger; well, unless you consider power banks. The best part: you’ll be able to charge everything from an iPhone to wireless speakers with these!

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