Things to Know when Getting into Airbnb Hosting

Do you have some extra space in your home or even a whole apartment that you are not currently using? Do you like meeting a lot of new people from all over the world and being a host? If so, then you might want to consider becoming an Airbnb host. It is a simple concept that allows people to rent out their homes rooms, or even beds to travelers from far and wide to make sure that both sides get exactly what they are looking for. Here’s what you should know:

Be completely honest

Nobody likes arriving at a place only to find out that it is nothing like it was described. To make sure that everyone is happy, be as honest as possible when describing your offer. Sure, there’s no need to point out every hole in the wall, but don’t oversell the size, cleanliness, style, accessibility or location of the place. If it is a shared space, make sure you point that out as well, and if it is facing a noisy street, make sure you mention it. You will get to talk to your potential guests, so you can see why they are coming and point out anything they should know.

Cleanliness is key

There is nothing worse than staying in a place that has dust piles in the corners, stained sheets or a dirty bathroom. You can choose to have your guests pay a cleaning fee, and use that money to hire someone who will regularly come in and clean your apartment. Make sure that all of the rooms your guests have access to are cleaned shortly before they arrive, and once every week, if they are staying for more than a week. They should also have access to clean sheets, and if needed, fresh towels. You should also have a basket with cleaning supplies somewhere in the apartment, so your guests can clean up more often if they feel like they need to.

Make it cozy

The main reason why people stay at Airbnb apartments is because they want to feel like home and experience the surroundings as a local. To ensure they feel like they are welcome and at home, you should try to make every part of the apartment accessible and comfortable. If your guests feel like they need to tiptoe around the apartment, it will make them feel less welcome. To insure your guests are comfortable, pay attention to details: give them extra blankets in case they are coming from a warmer climate, or leave them a complimentary jar of local food. Place rugs throughout the apartment so that people who are used to walking barefoot at home can do so here as well. The details will make all the difference, so place some scented candles, maps of the area, display the Wi-Fi password and leave a welcoming note, as well as a list of your recommendations for local restaurants, markets, shops and other interesting places.

To recap, the most important thing is to have a clean and welcoming home where guests can feel comfortable. Whether they are going to stay for a full month or just a night, you should do your best to make them feel at home and provide them with what they need. If you stay and chat with them a little bit, you will be surprised how many wonderful people you can meet and how many stories you will hear. Be open-minded and open-hearted and you will have a great time with anyone that comes along!

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