Travelling with your dog made safe

When going away on a trip, most pet owners find a friend or a professional service to take care of their dog for them, but if you simply have no heart to leave your furry friend behind, some tips for travelling with dogs can really come in handy.

Travelling by plane

Book a direct flight

If you have to travel by plane and take your dog with you, try to find a direct flight. This will significantly reduce the stress your dog has to go through, and there will be less danger of airport personnel leaving your pet on the tarmac for too long or handling its crate badly.

Visit the vet

This applies to all means of transportation but especially the plane. You should check with the vet whether all the vaccines are up to date and obtain the pet’s health certificate. This is probably one of many pet documents you would need for an international flight. Also, you can discuss different ways that would be best for your dog to stay calm and relaxed during the trip.

Purchase a good crate

The crate your dog is going to be in during the flight should be appropriately sized so that your dog can move freely. Also, it should be layered with comfortable material that can also soak up any accidents. Moreover, the doors should be safely closed but never locked, in case the personnel have to tend to your dog. Leaving a pack of food and iced water is also advisable for the dog’s well-being.

Mark the crate

Make sure that the crate your pet is in is properly marked so that anyone can make fast identification if necessary. Basically, include your name, your pet’s name, your cell number and even address. Write “Live Animal” on the crate so that it’s visible even from afar. Adding a picture of your dog can also be helpful in some situations.

Travelling by car

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Get your dog used to the car

Even though road trips are not as stressful as plane travelling, you still have to make sure your dog will behave and stay happy. Therefore, take your dog for a drive whenever you can before the big road trip, so that it can get used to spending time in a car. This is especially important for owners who don’t want to keep their dog in a crate. In this case, never allow your dog to stick its head out of the window.

Proper crate

In case you decide the crate is absolutely necessary, make sure that it’s spacious enough and secured so that it won’t move abruptly as you drive. Of course, don’t even dream of putting the crate with your dog in it in a trunk. The crate should be in the back seat.

Bring the necessities


Your dog has different needs than you, so you have to remember to make regular stops for your pet to answer the nature’s call and get some physical activity. Also, pack everything your dog would need. Food and water bowls are a must as well as some toys or pillows and blankets that your dog likes. Moreover, you should always stock up on water supplies as well as food treats like Nexgard for dogs which would be practical to carry, and are very healthy for the dog. Talk to your vet before the road trip as well, in case you need to bring some medications for your dog.

Never leave your dog alone in the car

Even if the windows are down, never leave your dog to wait for you in a parked car. During the hot weather the animal can suffer from the heatstroke while cold can cause it to freeze. Therefore, always make sure you have your leash nearby so that you can take your dog with you.

Taking your dog travelling with you requires some additional responsibility and tasks that have to be finished beforehand. Therefore, if you’re not absolutely sure that you can prepare everything and provide your dog with proper care during the trip, it would be more responsible for leaving it at home with someone you can trust.

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