Ujung Kulon National Park of Java in Indonesia

Ujung Kulon National Park-Java-Indonesia
Ujung Kulon National Park is situated at the western lean of Java, Banten, Indonesia including the volcanic island grouping of Krakatoa, Panaitan, Peucang, Handeuleum and other islands on the Sunda channel. The park Covering an area of 1206km² nearly all of which lies on the peninsula getting into the Indian Ocean. Ujung Kulon is the first projected national park in Indonesia and having the largest remaining lowland rainforest in Java it was recognized as a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in 1991.
Ujung Kulon National Park Java-Indonesia
Ujung Kulon National Park is the wild safe haven of Javan Rhinoceros, the rarest species of mammals. As Javan Rhinos live in opaque tropical woodlands, they are not easy intentions for poachers with armaments. But they are susceptible to poachers who use traps and snare to take them into custody. This park protects 57 plants of rare species, mammal of 35 species including Banteng, Javan Lutung, Silvery Gibbon, Leopard, Crab-eating Macaque, Java Mouse-deer and Rusa Deer. There are also to be found reptiles and amphibians of 72 species and birds of 240 species. Having the excellent biodiversity of the Ujung Kulon peninsula this is the most significant Wildlife Reserve in Indonesia.

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