The Ultimate Holiday Packing List

Finally, it’s that time of the year; you’ve booked everything and you’re already looking forward to some quality time in the sun (or not in the sun, no judgement here). Unless you’re planning on spending your entire holiday in your own town, you do not want to forget your stuff, regardless of whether it’s something as trivial as sunglasses, or as important as medication. Making a holiday packing list goes without saying and we’re here to help!

First aid kit

A first aid kit should always be the first thing on your list. Nowadays, with the smartphone technology, you don’t even have to have physical plane tickets on your person, but a first aid kit is something that will never become virtual. A small bag with medical necessities, such as pills and bandages won’t take up a lot of space, yet it can be very useful and perhaps even life-saving. Having remedies for ailments like headaches, fevers and stomach issues is extremely important if you want to make sure that your holiday goes as carefree as possible. While buying medicine at home is easy, obtaining them in the country you’re visiting will likely be more difficult in terms of prescriptions. Of course, your first aid kit should contain the medicine you use most often, as well as medicine for allergies and asthma attacks.

Easy on the shoes

Multiple pairs of shoes is perhaps the most useless idea for a summer holiday next to bringing a winter jacket. Shoes are the biggest luggage item, so bringing more than one pair is completely unnecessary. If there is a specific reason for more than a single pair of shoes (weddings and similar events), or if you are going on a 2-week getaway, bring an extra pair, but no more than that.

Keep the cosmetics at minimum

Cosmetics are a luxury that takes up a lot of space and there is no reason for overdoing it with stuff like makeup, soaps and shampoos, seeing as how you can obtain these in the vast majority of typical travel destinations. If you’re going on a sunny holiday and you have pale skin, makeup will do you no good – you don’t want to end up tanned all over your body, while your face remains pale. Plus, summer is the perfect time to show off your natural tan!
Furthermore, by not bringing a lot of cosmetic products, you are making sure that it’s less likely that you end up with clothes and other items soaked in gooey liquids after a bottle of shampoo happens to suddenly explode in your bag.

Sun lotion

Unlike other cosmetic products, it would be best to buy sunscreen at home and there are two reasons for this: first of all, finding the most suitable sunscreen type and brand in order to provide your skin with proper protection is very important for your health. Secondly, if you’re going to need sunscreen for your destination, chances are that these products will be very expensive there. We recommend ordering a sunscreen from Ultraceuticals, in order to make sure that your skin is completely protected.

Tech stuff

The first couple of days in the sun are definitely going to be fun and eventful, but after the initial period, you’re bound to get bored at some point. That’s why you should bring your laptop, iPod, portable gaming console and a camera, especially if you’ll be staying there for more than two weeks.
Although annoying, forgetting a phone charger might not be that big of a deal – you’re bound to find somebody who will be more than happy to share one with you. On the other hand, laptop adapters are usually model-specific, so if you want to be able to use your portable computer for more than a few hours, do not forget one.

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