Vienna, the Historic Centre in Austria

Vienna, the Historic Centre in Austria and World Heritage Site of UNESCO holds significant architecture from the periods of middle, baroque and the Gründerzeit which is called the capital of music. Still it is a living compliment to Habsburg era. Emperor Frederick III changed Vienna from a medieval marketplace city into a grand residence which fascinated other nobleness and a lot of artists. The Habsburg and the Stephansdom are the most famous buildings in this city from early 13th century. The giant Stephansdom about 137m high church tower in facial appearance, adorned with coloured tiles containing the praying chair of stone which draws the visitor‘s attention.
Vienna Historic Centre-Austria
The previous channel Graben is now a luxurious shopping avenue where one can explore with enjoying the cheerful exaggerated epidemic statue, many baroque, iron balconies, circular towers, frescoes, marble pillars and Jugendstil in this region. The City hall is a moderately recent addition to Vienna’s splendor in 19th century, a gigantic building at the circle is in neo-gothic style and this way merges easily with its surroundings. Another highlight is the “Am Hof” square where the medieval antecedent to the Habsburg family having their main place. Overalls Vienna is a pleasant surprise.

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