The Wonders Of Scandinavia You Can Not Miss

Idyllic landscapes, enchanting villages and villages, beautiful wooden buildings, a unique natural heritage and the luxury of being able to contemplate the sun at midnight, make Scandinavia one of the most sought-after destinations in Europe and the world. There are so many attractions to see that it is not easy to summarize, but finally, this is my selection of the top wonders that you can not miss from Scandinavia, and more specifically from Norway and Sweden, the Nordic countries par excellence. If you are planning for the private tours to Norway then discover more from here.

The North Cape, place to contemplate the sun at midnight

We start with the Briksdal glacier, one of the most beautiful and accessible glaciers in Europe. It is located in the Norwegian valley of Oldedal, about 20 kilometers from the city of Olden. From the road starts a path that in a pleasant journey through flat territory takes you to the glacier following the course of a river originated by it. It is well signposted and there is no loss. You reach the same tongue as the glacier and the small lake with floating icebergs that forms with the thaw.

The Briksdal glacier, one of the most beautiful and accessible in Norway

The village of Geiranger and the famous fjord to which it gives its name. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is the best known and visited of the many Norwegian fjords, with almost vertical walls that reach a thousand meters high and waters with more than 500 meters deep. Surprisingly, the town, which seems to be taken from a fairy tale and is at the end of the fjord, has only 200 inhabitants, when it receives around 600,000 annual visitors on the many cruise ships that arrive during the tourist season.

The famous Gerianger fjord and the town that gives it its name

The Norwegian city of Alesund. It was devastated by a fire in 1904 and was reconstructed from scratch, practically, in art nouveau, the current style then. The result is a charming city that is appreciated in all its magnitude from Mount Aksla. It has about 42,000 inhabitants and one of the most modern fishing fleets in Europe.

The charming Norwegian city of Alesund

The Tvindefossen waterfall. It is located next to the E16 road, 12 kilometers from the city of Voss, in Norway. In Scandinavia, there are hundreds of waterfalls so it is very difficult to select the best of all. So you can choose some great tours to Norway from this site. Despite the many that I contemplated throughout the entire territory, I am left with this one, 152 meters high and numerous jumps that spread the water in a staggered way. A side path allows you to climb to the top, although your best view is from the bottom, in the vicinity of the road.

The spectacular Tvindefossen waterfall

The Sogne fjord. It is the second longest fjord in the world and is located in the Norwegian county of Sognog. Its translation is “the fjord of dreams” and it is not exaggerated since to contemplate it from the height it seems a dream for its great beauty. The Sognefjord has a length of more than 240 kilometers and a depth of up to 3,000 meters.

The Sogne fjord, the second longest in the world

The city of Bergen. This charming town is the second largest in Norway with about 240,000 inhabitants. The city extends around its harbor and its historic Hanseatic pier called Bryggen, where the old port buildings are located, which have been declared a World Heritage Site. They are constructions of wood of medieval origin that were grass of the flames on different occasions but they were always faithfully reconstructed. A spectacular overview is obtained by climbing the funicular to the top of Mount Floyfjell, which dominates the city. In the port, there is also the Bergenhus Fortress, and the fish market, which is currently oriented towards tourists.

Old port buildings in the city of Bergen

The wooden church of Borgund, in the Norwegian city of the same name. It is one of the 28 Norwegian wooden churches that have survived to the present and that are part of the Scandinavian and world heritage. The church of Borgund dates back to the 12th century and has been restored several times. It has a roof divided into six roofs and its beautiful design has been imitated for the reconstruction of other churches in the country. A museum about wooden churches has been erected nearby.

The beautiful wooden church of Borgund

The glacier area of Fjaerland, in the municipality of Songdal. Norway is one of the countries with the most beautiful landscapes in the world, which are lavished throughout the country. Among them, I have selected this one that allows us to contemplate the area of glaciers of Fjaerland, with its green meadows and it’s small turquoise lakes in which are reflected, like a mirror, the surrounding mountains covered with snow and glaciers.

The charming landscape area of Fjaerland

The Boyabreen glacier, in the Fjaerlan area. It is the most outstanding of this environment of Norwegian glaciers. It is also easily accessible, as it is reached after a short walk that starts on the same road, from which it is already perfectly visible. It is a glacier that is detached from another greater and is about 800 meters high. Nearby there is a restaurant. His contemplation is a great spectacle.

The Boyabreen glacier, also easily accessible

Visit a Sami community (Lapona). A tour of Norway is not complete without a visit to a Sami locality, the authentic name of an ethnic group that in Spain is known as Lapp. Most Sami live in northern Norway and its cultural capital is Karasjok, with 2,000 inhabitants, and located about 250 kilometers from the city of Alta. Although the majority have already abandoned their traditional dress, which only shines in certain events and parties, there are still those who remain faithful to it, especially those who are dedicated to grazing and reindeer husbandry, and even to tourism.

Some Sumis still wear their traditional clothing

North Cape and the midnight sun. Contemplating the sun at midnight from the northern tip of Europe, specifically, the North Cape has become a rite, although it is not exactly the northernmost point of the old continent. A large terrestrial sphere marks the point from which to contemplate the show for two months, from the end of May to the end of July, time in which it never gets dark. The midnight sun is a big tourist business in the North Cape, where all kinds of facilities have been built to attract visitors, including restaurants, museums, and gift shops.

Expectation in North Cape where the sun does not set in summer

Nordvagen, a village in the confines of Europe. It is the most beautiful of the few villages located in the vicinity of the North Cape. A small concentration of beautiful colored houses and a few fishing boats, which are reflected in its icy waters. A landscape that is difficult to overcome.

Fishing village in the vicinity of the North Cape

The wooden church of Heddal. It is the largest of all wooden churches in Norway and one of its main tourist attractions. It is located in the municipality of Notodden and due to its monumental aspect, it is almost obligatory to visit it. It is still used for worship. It is in very good condition thanks to several restorations, the last of them in the middle of the last century. As it is traditional in this type of buildings, it has the bell tower in a separate construction.

The wooden church of Heddal, the largest of all existing

The Vigeland park in Oslo. The Norwegian capital has several points of great interest, including the building of its City Hall, but I am left with this park dotted with numerous sculptures by the Norwegian Gustav Vigeland, all of them nude figures. All the sculptures are remarkable but possibly the most famous is that of the “Monolito”, which dominates the park with its 17 meters of height and its 121 human figures piled up.

The Vigeland park, in Oslo, the Norwegian capital

Stockholm. The capital of Sweden is considered the most beautiful Nordic city especially when the sun caresses it with the arrival of good weather. Built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges, Stockholm stands out for its ensemble, which can be seen from different places, one of them the island of Soddermalm. Especially attractive is the so-called “Gamla Stan”, the old city, with its historic buildings.

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