The Wuyi Mountains, World Heritage Sites in China

The Wuyi Mountains World Heritage Sites in China
The Wuyi Mountains are sited at the zone of Nanping in the Fujian state linking the Wuyishan City which is a mountain range. It is the northern boundary of Fujian state with Jiangxi area in China about covering an area of 60km² and entered in the list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO for both natural scenic beauties and cultural activities. The Wuyi is the most marvelous biodiversity preservation zone of South-east China which attracts the all nature loving man. The Wayi is also plays an important rule to create frequent types of tea which is the source of the actual Da Hong Pao tea and Lapsang souchong.
Wuyi Mountains in China
Peaks in the western part of the Wuyi Mountains naturally consist of volcanic or plutonic rock, while peak and hill in the eastern part are fabricated of red granite with very steep slope but flat ends. The list of World Heritage Sites Nine-bended waterway is about 60km in span, wander in a cavernous canyon amongst these hills. The highest mountain in the region is Mount Huanggang at 2158m, making it the uppermost top of Fujian, the lowest altitudes are approximately 200m. The Wuyi Mountains are the biggest and most diplomat example of Chinese sub-tropical forests and South Chinese rain-forests‘ bio-diversity. The most universal tree families are Beech Fagaceae, Laurel, Camellia, Magnolia, Elaeocarpaceae, and Witchhazel Hamamelidaceae. The fauna of the Wuyi Mountains is well-known for its elevated diversity which includes many uncommon and unusual genuses. Conclusively it can be said that none can explain The Wuyi Mountains without watching……….

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